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Construction management made easy for owners

Field data collection for infrastructure projects with collaboration & reconciliation.
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Collect data and reconcile daily

Single platform for owner's representatives (from construction managers to site inspectors) to record work progress, track material deliveries, manage material testing labs, create and track issues, manage changes and reconcile all information internally and then externally with contractors, designers, labs and 3rd party stakeholders.

Built for owners, construction managers, and inspectors

  • Capture visual progress and record data contextually right on site with our mobile app.
  • Reconcile data between owners representatives (CM, inspectors, labs, designers) and external contractors with digital daily record that makes monthly payments easy.

Key features

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Bid item progress
Take photos, annotate drawings and record pay quantities to facilitate accurate pay estimates and generate audit reports.
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Ticket collection
Dedicated links provided for ticket collection, for inspector or contractor to upload directly into the system.
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Lab management
Comprehensive, end-to-end workflow management of all lab activities, including scheduling of the lab to uploading of final test reports by labs, resulting in a one-stop-shop to retrieve all related information.
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Issues management
Raise and record issues in the field for escalation to management to track and quickly bring to a resolution.
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Labor and Equipment
Keep regular records of all contractor resources on site.
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Easily manage your complete submittals process from creating submittal logs, uploading submittal packages, approving and publishing submittals.
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RFIs & Change orders
Create an RFI in seconds and get notified once it is answered. Track and manage requests for changes.
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All data in one place
Intuitive reports with easy contextual retrieval.
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